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Daisuke Matsuzaka May Need Tommy John Surgery

Sports Illustrated's Jon Heyman is reporting that Daisuke Matsuzaka will seek a second opinion on his injured elbow--one that could return a recommendation of Tommy John Surgery.

Though doctors in Boston told Matsuzaka that he would only need rest and rehab for the tear they found in his ulnar collateral ligament, the Red Sox starter is looking for second opinions from a "diagnostic doctor of his choosing" as well as a Japanese surgeon. If the results favor surgery, Daisuke would likely be headed for Tommy John Surgery--a procedure which would likely sideline him for the rest of his contract with Boston.

That Daisuke and the Red Sox are not on the same page regarding an injury and the proper course to take is nothing new. The team has had more than its fair share of troubles with Daisuke since he first came to the team in 2007. If this is indeed the end of his time with the Red Sox, Daisuke's tenure will be remembered not for an ace-like performance, as was expected after he signed with the Sox, but for its myriad frustrations. In a way, having him miss his last season-and-a-half would be only too fitting.