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Yankees vs. Red Sox: Scoring Continues, But Red Sox Maintain 7-6 Lead

Bartolo Colon has been a bit too good, and John Lackey failed to turn things around, but the Red Sox are clinging to a 7-6 lead after six innings.

The Yankees added another run in both the fourth and fifth innings. A two-out triple to Brett Gardner followed up by a Derek Jeter single made it 6-5 in the fourth before Alex Rodriguez led off the fifth inning with a solo shot to tie things up at 6-6. 

The Red Sox again fought back, though, with the help of an error from Mark Teixeira at first base allowing David Ortiz to reach first and extending the inning long enough for Jarrod Saltalamacchia to double high off the Monster, bringing in a run to put the Sox up 7-6.

Alfredo Aceves provided the Red Sox with their first scoreless inning of the game in the sixth, and Bobby Jenks just finished off a scoreless seventh.