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VIDEO: Heidi Watney Discovers Chicken & Waffles, Almost Throws Up On Air

In the top of the forth inning of Thursday afternoon's Boston Red Sox game against the Cleveland Indians, NESN's play-by-play man, Don Orsillo, threw it down to Heidi Watney for a segment about the concessions at Progressive Field that went on far too long (much like this sentence!). It featured Heidi "trying some unique food" -- fried chicken & waffles, a fried Twinke, fried cookie dough and fried funnel fries. Hardly unique, but okay, sure.

Heidi only managed one bite of the chicken & waffle sandwich before almost throwing up:

In her defense, that particular fried chicken & waffle combination did not look very appetizing. In fact, it looks downright bland and boring and gross, even for a ballpark. But the more egregious error by Heidi was not knowing that chicken & waffles even existed, which, what??

"Tell us, where did you come up with fried chicken and waffles?" is a question she actually asks. Like Mike the Concession Guy invented this wacky concoction at the Indians' ballpark. There are entire restaurant chains devoted to chicken & waffles! Including, appropriately named, Roscoe's House of Chickin' N Waffles.

Jerry Remy, please end this segment: "Don't forget your Crestor."

Thank you.

(video via Mocksession)