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Fenway Park's New Scoreboard Revealed

The Red Sox have yet to make an appearance in Fenway park this year, but when they do--as has been the case every year for the past decade or so--something will be different, the result of the renovation plans concocted by the ownership to keep Fenway Park around well into the 22nd century.

This year, though, it's not just a matter of a few new seats or some easy-to-ignore pavilion area. This year, it's just a bit bigger:


That's the new monolithic HD scoreboard out above the bleachers in center field exactly where the old one was, of course), seen here welcoming Mayor Thomas Menino of Boston on a visit to Fenway.

The scoreboard is the finishing touch on Fenway's renovations--an investment that should keep the old park around for many years to come. One has to wonder about the necessity of this last piece, though. After all, how many of the Red Sox really stand to benefit from being seen in full HD?