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Carl Crawford 'Trying Too Hard' In Red Sox' First Two Games Down In Texas

It's been relatively easy to read the Red Sox' newest acquisitions so far. For starters, Adrian Gonzalez has been absolutely fantastic, going 5-for-9 (.556) with three RBI.

Yet Carl Crawford, who was the other major piece in the Red Sox offseason puzzle, hasn't been so lucky. Through two games, Crawford is 0-for-7 with one walk and four strikeouts.

According to Red Sox manager Terry Francona, Crawford's struggles are a result of him simply trying too hard.

"Looking at him, it's kind of obvious he's trying too hard. Especially with a lefty today, just let him sit down there As soon as he gets
on base, starts causing some havoc, he'll loosen up and the real Carl will come out. In the meantime, just take a little off of him," said Francona. "He's a great kid. I think he's trying too hard. I always watch him. I think it's an admirable quality. I actually love it. But we're two games in, he's not had real good at-bats. I just wanted him to be able to relax a little so he can play."

As a result of Crawford's struggles, Red Sox manager Terry Francona dropped Crawford to seven in the batting order for the Red Sox' game against the Rangers on Sunday afternoon.

Crawford probably won't stay in the depths of the batting order for too long, just until he gets comfortable in his new uniform. Nevertheless, it is still troubling to see your $142 million left fielder get off to a bad start in his first season in Boston.