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Red Sox Begin Preparations For Fenway Park's 100th Birthday

One year from Wednesday will mark the 100th anniversary of the first game played at Fenway Park, a 7-6 Boston defeat over the would-be New York Yankees in the 11th inning.


While they still occasionally offer free baseball in the Fens, it's the only free thing there is to be found near 4 Yawkey Way, and the Red Sox only furthered this tendency when they announced their plans for the 100-year celebration, which include the selling of bricks in the concourse between Gates B and C starting at $250 and old box seats for nearly $800.


But Red Sox management is listening to the Nation; on the new Fenway 100 website, fans can submit their ideas for the celebration.


It's certain that high among them will be the unveiling of a World Series banner on Opening Day, but the local nine have an awful long way to go before they can get there.