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Adrian Gonzalez Signs Second Biggest Contract In Red Sox History

Adrian Gonzalez was given the second biggest contract in Boston Red Sox history when he agreed to a seven-year extension worth $154 million with a signing bonus early on Friday morning.

The previous ownership group gave out the franchise's most expensive contract (see: Manny Ramirez), but this is the biggest extension handed out under the current ownership group of John Henry and Fenway Sports Group.

Gonzalez signs the richest contract that ownership, led by John W. Henry has given out since he bought the team in 2003. Previous ownership signed Manny Ramirez to an eight-year 160 million dollar contract in 2000. 

This is not the first 100 million dollar contract the Red Sox have given out this offseason, as they signed outfielder Carl Crawford to a seven-year 142 million dollar contract as well. (via Over The Monster)

Gonzalez's extension was once thought to be a deal buster, as the Red Sox were unable to work out a new contract before trading for the first baseman. It is speculated that the reason the Red Sox waited so long to sign Gonzalez to an extension was related to the luxury tax.

In his first 11 games in Boston, Gonzalez is 11-for-41 (.268 batting average) with one home run and seven RBI. Gonzalez is a lifetime .284 hitter with 169 home runs and 532 RBI.