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Red Sox Opening Day: Mike Napoli Home Run Gives Rangers 5-4 Lead

It's a career first for Jon Lester on Friday in the 2011 season opener. But it's a first he'd rather not have.

Mike Napoli took Lester deep in the bottom of the fourth, sneaking a three-run home run inside the left field foul pole, giving the Rangers the 5-4 lead and marking the first time Lester has ever surrendered three home runs in one game in his major league career. 

Lester, who is making his first ever Opening day start, hasn't looked like the ace so far. In five innings of work, the lefty has given up five runs on five hits -- three of them homers -- and no strikeouts. He hasn't been terrible -- 44 strikes on 75 pitches, and 12 of the 18 outs have been groundballs -- but he just hasn't been sharp, either. The good news: it's only the first game of the season, obviously. Moreover, traditionally Lester struggles in the first month of the season -- don't panic yet, Sox fans.