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Pedro Martinez Portrait To Be Unveiled At Smithsonian On Friday

A portrait of former Boston Red Sox pitcher Pedro Martinez, an artist of sorts in his own right, will be unveiled at the Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery in Washington, DC, on Friday. 

The portrait, which features Pedro in a Dominican Republic uniform and is titled "El Orgullo y la Determinación" (Pride and Determination), is an oil painting by Cambridge artist Susan Miller-Havens. Its owner, who, along with his wife, Gloria Trowbridge, purchased it a few years ago, is no stranger to Pedro, nor Red Sox fans: it's longtime baseball reporter (and longer-time Sox fan) Peter Gammons. The couple decided to donate the work to the Smithsonian, as Gammons tweeted Thursday.

Friday great Dominican day as Pedro Martinez's portrait is hung in Nat'l Portrait Gallery in Dc



"We are thrilled to include this portrait of Pedro Martinez in the National Portrait Gallery's collection," said Martin Sullivan, director of the museum. "Martinez is widely recognized as one of the great Major League Baseball pitchers who also is concerned for the well-being of his larger community."

The portrait of Pedro will join another Miller-Havens work featuring a former Red Sox star, Carlton Fisk.

At the unveiling, Martinez is also planning to conduct a baseball mini-clinic and promote exercise for children.