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The Red Sox Will Not Be Modeling Jeans

The Rich Garces Award is given by GQ to, well, Baseball's fattest.


Perhaps it is fitting that, with the award having been named after a former Red Sox, three current members of the team are on the short list.


Though their weight has occasionally been an issue in the past, Daisuke Matsuzaka, Josh Beckett, and John Lackey came into camp in good shape this year. No, it's the new additions--and, well, Big Papi--that have taken the spotlight. While Dennys Reyes apparently clocks in at 250 pounds, when stood side-by-side with Bobby Jenks and his 275, that's a pretty questionable figure. Or two.


Never ones to give up on any facet of the rivalry, the Yankees are, of course, close behind. With the addition of Bartolo Colon to the already impressive C.C. Sabathia, the Bronx Bombers are one Bengie Molina signing away from really tipping the scales in their favor.