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Truck Day: Equipment Truck Leaves Fenway, Heads For Florida And Spring Training

On Tuesday -- better known as Truck Day -- at 12 p.m., the 2011 Boston Red Sox (un)officially began when the huge equipment truck, fully packed with the team's uniforms, bats and glove and other necessities for Spring Training, closed its door and drove away from Fenway Park, heading south for City of Palms Park. 


The truck is driven by Al Hartz, who's had the job since 1998. He expects to reach Florida by Thursday, assuming there are no delays. Pitchers and catchers report on Sunday. "This is a lot of fun," driver Al Hartz said. "This is something special."

"My office has had calls from, like, Red Sox booster clubs asking if the truck can stop and visit them on the way down, but we just don't do stuff like that," Hartz said with a laugh. "People are a little nuts about the Sox. I mean this just kinda proves it, watching the truck get loaded and drive away."