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Truck Day: Red Sox' Spring Training Equipment Packed, Including Lego Model Of Fenway Park

The moving truck is being loaded outside Fenway Park in anticipation of its 12 p.m. EST departure for the City of Palms Park, signaling the beginning of Spring Training and the unofficial start of the 2011 Boston Red Sox season. 


Our own Gethin Coolbaugh is on the scene at Fenway Park, where the truck is being loaded and fans are beginning to gather. He offers this report (as well as all the photos today): 

When I arrived at Truck Day at 9 a.m., and the movers were already busy loading the truck. I wondered if the weather would damper the spirits of fans and result in low turn out. But sure enough, fans began to arrive around 10 and more continue to trickle in to watch the truck leave for Fort Myers at noon. Clearly this winter weather is no match for enthusiastic Red Sox fans.


Maybe Truck Day isn't so exciting after all ... 

Gethin was also able to capture a shot of the movers loading a Lego model of Fenway Park into the truck. Definitely a very important thing to have at Spring Training: