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Truck Day: Red Sox' 2011 Season Unofficially Begins Tuesday

Welcome to Truck Day, Red Sox fans. 

The unofficial start to the 2011 season is here, marked by the large moving truck that sits in front of Fenway Park Tuesday morning. The 18-wheeled truck is currently being loaded up with the team's equipment for Spring Training. It will begin the 1500-mile drive to City of Palms Park on Tuesday, with the Red Sox' pitchers and catchers set to report on Sunday. 

It is obviously silly to get excited about a truck. But obviously it represents much more for Red Sox fans (so, hey, still kinda silly!) -- it's the start of Spring Training, and the start of a whole new season. From Over The Monster:

One week till pitchers and catchers report. Ten days until everyone else joins them. Just three weeks from the Red Sox playing baseball, even if it isn't for keeps just yet.

It's baseball season. Y'all ready?