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Red Sox Spring Training: The Stalking Of Carl Crawford, And J.D. Drew Goes Gator Hunting

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There's little news of consequence coming out of Fort Myers these days. That's usually a good sign for a team like the Red Sox, though. After all, no news means no bad news, which is all Boston needs for the next 30-odd days.

Still, Spring Training is underway, which means that the media has its opportunity to talk to the players and staff. Inevitably, something will come out of it. This leads us to today's offerings which include the stalking of Carl Crawford, the contract status of a six-year-old, and alligator hunting with J.D. Drew.


  • But let's start with some semi-real baseball news. After taking his first swings of the preseason on Monday, Adrian Gonzalez is taking a day off from the tee. Nothing to worry about, though, as Terry Francona tells Nick Cafardo that they're just following the schedule set up in advance.
  • Cafardo also notes that work has begun on fixing Andrew Miller and Rich Hill, and that Francona will not name an opening day starter just yet. Really, though, say it with me now: Jon Lester, Jon Lester, Jon Lester.
  • The Sox would also tell Carl Crawford there was nothing to worry about when they kept an eye on him both on and off the field prior to signing him this winter, but the speedy outfielder tells Gordon Edes he's not so sure. Crawford was apparently "creeped out" by the revelation that the Sox had been watching him so closely. It's not clear where this falls on the stalking - investigating spectrum, but Crawford seems to think it went beyond the standard employer background check. Then again, there's nothing standard about Crawford's employment.
  • There is apparently no contract offer forthcoming for young D'Angelo Ortiz, son of Big Papi. This despite the six-year-old's proficiency at switch hitting, ability to play every position on the field, and prolific autograph signing.
  • On a more serious note, Alex Speier chronicles at great length the recovery of Ryan Westmoreland, including his first batting practice homer since he underwent brain surgery last March. A terrific read.
  • Finally, don't mess with J.D. Drew. In a conversation with the outfielder, Pete Abraham discovered that he hunts alligators. With a knife.