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Red Sox Key Offseason Dates: Pitchers And Catchers Report Feb. 14

There's snow on the ground. And it's going to keep snowing for roughly a week and a half. I'm sure that right now, Spring seems incredibly far away. But really, Spring Training is right around the corner. Did you know Truck Day is just one week (!) away, and that pitchers and catchers report in less than two weeks. Baseball is almost here, everyone.

Here's some key dates for the Red Sox in the quickly disappearing offseason (via Over The Monster):

February 8 -- Truck Day

Somehow, though, this extravaganza of long-distance freight hauling has become one of Boston's favorite Holidays, with fans turning out in droves to meet the long-time Red Sox ambassadors that attend every year. The Red Sox season starts without a single player from the 25-man roster, and Boston has no complaints.

February 14 -- Pitchers and Catchers Report

February 18 -- Position Players Report

February 26 -- College Double Header

March 4 -- First Televised Game (vs. Yankees)

March 14 -- Vs. Yankees (NESN/ESPN)

March 16 -- At Braves (ESPN)

March 21 -- At Phillies (ESPN)

March 30 -- At Houston (NESN)

In Minute Maid Park! The Sox hit the MLB stadium as they gear up for the start of the season.

April 1 -- At Texas (2011 Season Opener)