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DeMarlo Hale Out As Red Sox Bench Coach

According to ESPN Boston's Gordon Edes, the Boston Red Sox have decided not to retain DeMarlo Hale as their bench coach for next season. Hale spent five years with the Red Sox as the team's third base coach and bench coach under former manager Terry Francona. Hale has already reportedly been offered a position by the Baltimore Orioles.

The decision to depart with Hale was reportedly new manager Bobby Valentine's decision, as he has actively been looking around for people he could add to his staff. Names that have been floated around as possible replacements for Hale are former Milwaukee Brewers manager Jerry Royster and former Red Sox first baseman Bill Buckner.

According to Edes, among those that will return to the coaching staff in 2012 are hitting coach Dave Magadan, bullpen coach Gary Tuck and third base coach Tim Bogar. Earlier in the offseason, the team chose to part ways with first base coach Ron Johnson and allowed pitching coach Curt Young return to the Oakland A's. With those three in tact, Bobby Valentine will likely have his choice of a bench coach, first base coach and pitching coach.

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