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Red Sox Free Agency 2011: David Ortiz To Accept Arbitration?

David Ortiz will reportedly accept the arbitration offer from the Boston Red Sox before Wednesday night's deadline, according to multiple reports. Ortiz could make anywhere between $14-$15 million next season in arbitration.

DH David Ortiz plans to accept the offer of salary arbitration that the Red Sox extended to him, meaning that he will stay in Boston for at least until 2012, a source told (via ESPN)

While Ortiz will reportedly accept the arbitration offer, he and the team could still work out a two-year deal. The Red Sox reportedly offered Ortiz a two-year contract worth $18 million ($9 million per year) on Tuesday.

However, there are conflicting reports on the matter.'s Rob Bradford reported that, as of Tuesday night, Ortiz had not yet made up his mind regarding arbitration.

According to a source close to the situation, as of Tuesday evening David Ortiz hadn't yet determined whether or not he would accept arbitration. The free agent designated hitter has until midnight Wednesday to make a decision. The plan was for Ortiz' agent, Fern Cuza, to talk again with the Red Sox before any determination can be made. (via WEEI)

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