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Terry Francona Joins ESPN As Analyst

Terry Francona and Bobby Valentine pulled the old switcheroo. Francona, formerly the manager of the Boston Red Sox up until this offseason, will join ESPN as a baseball analyst, taking the job of Bobby Valentine, who took Francona's job with the Red Sox. Did you get all that?

Anyways, Francona will be taking his years of experience and love for the game to television, and for Red Sox fans that still hold Tito in reverence (such as myself), this is an awesome move. Oh, and he's happy about it, too.

"I'm excited to join ESPN and to be able to talk about my passion for baseball with fans who love the game as much as me," said Francona in a statement from ESPN. "In some ways, I'll be a rookie all over again, but I'm looking forward to the challenge."

Francona was a manager for 12 seasons, spending four years with the Philadelphia Phillies and eight seasons with the Red Sox. In those eight seasons, Francona guided the Red Sox to a 744-552 record and two World Series titles.

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