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Tim Bogar To Become Red Sox Bench Coach

A source close to WEEI's Rob Bradford is reporting that the Boston Red Sox have decided to move third base coach Tim Bogar into the dugout and become the team's new bench coach. Bogar will replace DeMarlo Hale, who left the team to join the Baltimore Orioles as their third base coach.

In his three seasons with the Red Sox, Bogar has served as the team's first and third coach. Following 2009, Bogar moved over to third base with Hale moving to the bench and newly hired Rob Johnson taking his spot as the first base coach. Bogar will of course be serving under new Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine.

Bogar is highly regarded as a good baseball man, but a terrible decision maker when it comes to sending runners in. At times, Bogar would decide to send base runners home more often than not, which caused Red Sox fans to remember the days of Dale "send em'" Sveum, the now Chicago Cubs manager. 

With Bogar vacating third base, the team will now need to find a replacement. According to Bradford, a known candidate for the job is former Milwaukee Brewers manager Jerry Royster. The Red Sox are reportedly looking to get their coaching staff completed by Christmas, which is only five days away.

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