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Red Sox Offseason 2011: Chicago Cubs Reportedly Hire Boston Scout Matt Dorey

The Chicago Cubs are hiring area scout Matt Dorey from the Boston Red Sox, according to a WEEI report, and plan to use him as a national cross-checker.

Dorey began working with the Red Sox organization in 2007, when he served as an area scout in the Northwest. In subsequent seasons, the Red Sox had him cover Louisiana and Texas. Dorey's contributions included scouting and signing a number of recent Boston draft picks, including Anthony Ranaudo, Garin Cecchini, Kendrick Perkins and Lucas LeBlanc.

When the Chicago Cubs signed Theo Epstein as the organization's president of baseball operations, the former Red Sox general manager said he would possibly bring some Red Sox employees with him to the Windy City. Dorey will become the first employee Epstein and the Cubs hired from Boston's baseball operations staff.

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