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Red Sox Free Agency 2011: Jason Varitek Wanted In Boston, At Least In Some Capacity

Even after signing catcher Kelly Shoppach on Tuesday, Boston Red Sox general manager Ben Cherington said he will continue discussions with Jason Varitek and hopes Varitek will remain a part of the organization in some role.

"As far as Tek is concerned, we have incredible respect for Tek. I have incredible respect on a personal level. We, as an organization including ownership, have incredible respect for him and the contributions he's made," said Cherington. "Our hope is that Tek will always be a part of the Red Sox in some way. As far as what that means immediately, what we want to do is keep talking to Tek and not discuss that in a public forum, but continue talking to Tek and [Boras] and figure out what's best for the Red Sox and what's best for him."    

The Chicago Tribune reports that Varitek, a longtime team captain who has played parts of 15 seasons in the Major Leagues, all with Boston, is receiving preliminary free agency interest from the Chicago Cubs.

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