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Curt Schilling On Hiring Of Bobby Valentine: 'I Just Didn't See The Fit'

Curt Schilling just doesn't get it. Bobby Valentine and the Boston Red Sox? There's just no way they fit together. That's what the legendary Red Sox pitcher told The Dennis & Callahan Morning Show in an appearance on Thursday's show.

"This one was just a stunning one for me. I didn't see the fit, I just didn't see the fit," Schilling said. "Personality wise, Bobby's a different bird. He's a different animal. He's a smart guy, I had a chance to work with him this year at ESPN and he's some very interesting takes on managing. It just caught me off guard, when I think about the baseball ops guys and what they want to do and how they want to do it here I just didn't see him being the guy on their list. ... When I think back to the mandate and what the initiative was to change around what happened at the end of last year, Bobby Valentine's not the guy I thought this ownership group would be advocating for." (via WEEI)

Valentine was reportedly the top choice of management on Tuesday night, and his deal will reportedly span two years. In 15 seasons as a manager, Valentine had a record of 1,117-1,072.

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