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Terry Francona Interviews With St. Louis Cardinals As Possible Replacement For Tony LaRussa

Has former Boston Red Sox manager Terry Francona’s career gone to the birds?

Not yet, but that doesn’t mean he’s not seeing red. According to a report from the Associated Press, Francona traveled to Cincinnati on Tuesday to interview for the vacant managerial position with the St. Louis Cardinals.

FOX Sports Midwest has it straight from the horse’s mouth:

"I was honored that they asked me to interview. I was appreciative. St. Louis has a long history of just wonderful fans and great baseball and the tradition. I took it as a huge honor that they asked me to interview. They have to interview more people, that’s part of the process. I was just honored that they asked me to interview. I’m sure they are going to make a good decision, the best one they feel for their organization."

The Cards were under the watchful eye of Tony LaRussa, who retired following the 2011 season, just two days after winning his second World Series.

Francona has a pair of rings himself, and despite rumors of beer and fried chicken in the "Beantown" locker room, will be a valuable addition to any club willing to scoop him up.

Stay tuned.

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