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Bobby Valentine A Mistake For Red Sox?

Bobby Valentine invented the wrap sandwich, or so he says, which automatically makes him qualified for the job of Boston Red Sox manager. Wait, what's that? It doesn't? Well in that case, maybe his lengthy time spent managing the Texas Rangers and New York Mets counts. Yet even with that in mind, some think hiring him would be a mistake.

"His history is such that he would create more problems than he would solve," said Chass. "As a manager, he has never finished first with a team. He's won two wild cards, won a playoff with the Mets, but he never finished in first place. And there's only one day in his career where his team has been in first place in September. That came in 2000 -- September 1. If he's so good, if he's so brilliant, if his tactics and strategy is so good, why hasn't he fared better managing a team?"

Those were the words of Hall of Famer sports writer Murray Chass, who made an appearance on The Dennis & Callahan Morning Show on the WEEI Sports Radio Network. Chass also went on to say the following.

"Valentine is a good game manager, but you wouldn't want him to run your baseball team," Chass said. "I think it would be a big mistake, there are several potential problems. One is, they would have to sit on him and make sure he did not try to interfere with front office. If it were just Ben Cherington I think that would be a problem, because Ben is obviously new to the job. But with Larry Lucchino around, my guess is that Valentine wouldn't get too far with things he tried in his previous jobs, as far as trying to run things off the field as well as on the field."

Not only would it be a mistake to hire him, but it would be a big mistake. Those are some strong words. Valentine is a proven commodity in some senses, meaning that he has been around the game for a long time and you know what you're going to get with him. But if that was truly the case, wouldn't the Red Sox have made a decision on him? Either way, it will certainly be interesting to watch the team's managerial search wind down.

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