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Red Sox Free Agency 2011: David Ortiz Drawing 'Serious Interest'

David Ortiz is a wanted man, at least in the baseball sense (we don't think he's wanted for any crimes, at least). Ortiz is reportedly drawing "serious interest" from at least one other team than the Boston Red Sox, according to the Boston Herald.

The free agent is receiving "serious interest" from more than one team, an industry source said today, indicating that Ortiz has more than one offer already. "He has lots of options," said the source.

This wouldn't be very surprising, but as Hardball Talk points out, the "source" is most likely his agent.

That's nice. I put really high odds on that "industry source" being Ortiz's agent, but that's nice.

Either way, who wouldn't want Ortiz and his bat? Big Papi clubbed 29 home runs and drove in 96 runs while batting .309 in 146 games for the Red Sox last season. In his career, Ortiz has a .283 batting average with 378 home runs and 1,266 RBI. Not bad, not bad.

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