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Boston Red Sox Manager Search: Bobby Valentine Says Manager Decision Belongs To Ben Cherington

The Boston Red Sox search for a new manager continues. Former Mets manager and current ESPN analyst Bobby Valentine met with Red Sox formally to interview on Monday. When Valentine met with the media he said that he first met with Red Sox president Larry Lucchino and general manager Ben Cherington on Nov. 3.

Valentine also clarified that it would be Cherington who decided on the new manager (via

Larry made it pretty clear that this was going to be Ben's choice and when I walked out of the room with Ben I was hoping I was received well enough that I would be able to come and get a second tour of duty, but I wasn't sure. And I didn't get a phone call for a few days. That made it a situation that I was really happy I only told my wife that I talked to Ben and I didn't have to explain to people why I wasn't getting a phone call.

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