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Red Sox And Cubs Might Have Leeway With Nov. 1 Deadline For Theo Epstein Compensation Deal

Major League Baseball commissioner Bud Selig said during the World Series that the Boston Red Sox and Chicago Cubs would have to come to an agreement regarding compensation for erstwhile Red Sox general manager Theo Epstein by Nov. 1 or he would make the deal for them, but it looks now as if the teams might have a little more leeway.

According to a report from the Boston Herald, a league source said "there shouldn't be much weight put on Nov. 1" and that the teams could get a slight extension for a few days to sort out the negotiations. According to the Herald, the Red Sox are thought to be interested in two minor leaguers, including a top-level prospect. Ben Cherington, who took over as Red Sox general manager after Epstein left for the same position in Chicago, said he would be "comfortable" with Selig making a decision after each side presented its case.

"It's a difficult deal to work out," Cherington said. "It's hard to quantify the value of Theo Epstein. I have an idea of it, and Theo doesn't think he's worth as much as I do."

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