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Boston Red Sox Manager Search: Sox Would Prefer To Hire Manager By Thanksgiving

Boston Red Sox general manager Ben Cherington told WEEI the Red Sox would prefer to hire a manager prior to Thanksgiving.

"I hope it doesn't get to December," he said. "We'll see. We're going to use this week and probably part of next week to have an initial round of interviews, and there'll probably be follow-ups. Our hope is that we have a manager in place before Thanksgiving, but Tito [Francona] was after Thanksgiving. We'll see. I don't want to put a date on it."

Cherington said the Red Sox will interview Milwaukee hitting coach Dale Sveum Wednesday. The team's first interview was conducted with Phillies bench coach Pete Mackanin, and more interviews could follow this week after Sveum. Cherington said he expects to interview five or six people during the first round of interviews, but it could be more.

"In a first round of interviews, we're really just trying to get to know the candidates, let them get to know us," Cherington said. "I would expect that there would be a conversation, at least, with a smaller group of finalists. This is really just an opportunity to get to know them enough -- you start to envision whether this could be a fit or not, whether this could be a relationship that works or not. The in-game strategy is important, but, as you guys know, it's just one part of the job. Managing the clubhouse is a huge part of the job. Working with the front office and ownership is a part of the job. We're trying to get to know the people well enough to get a feel for how they would manage all parts of the job."

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