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Boston Red Sox Offseason 2011: Theo Epstein Compensation Due Today

It's deadline day for the Boston Red Sox. No, it's not the trade deadline, but instead it's the day that MLB commissioner Bud Selig set for the Red Sox and the Chicago Cubs to work out compensation for Theo Epstein, who resigned as the GM of the Sox in order to become President of Baseball Operations in Chicago.

And without much surprise, little progress has been made between the two teams.

Today is the deadline for the Red Sox and Cubs to agree on compensation for Theo Epstein and no tangible progress has been made, according to general manager Ben Cherington.

"It's a difficult deal to work out because it's too hard to quantify the value of Theo Epstein,'' Cherington said. "I have an idea of it and Theo doesn't think he's worth as much as I do. We haven't been able to bridge that gap yet.''

It's a little puzzling as to why Epstein is working with his former team to work out a deal, you know, for himself. But then again, it isn't. Epstein is in charge of baseball operations in Chicago, true, but working out a deal for yourself? Epstein essentially has to devalue himself to Ben Cherington and the Sox. As you'd imagine, it's an interesting dilemma.

If Boston and Chicago can't work out their differences, Selig has said that he will step in and decide after the two teams make their case to him or a representative.

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