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Cherington Considering Clubhouse Beer Ban, Will Look For Manager With "Strong Voice"

New Red Sox general manager Ben Cherington called for a more disciplined, orderly clubhouse in an interview Wednesday on 98.5 The Sports Hub's Felger and Mazz show.

"It's not in keeping with what we expect from our players, and I think they understand that now," Cherington said of reports that players were drinking beer in the clubhouse during games. "Whatever behavior occurred in the clubhouse, that wasn't consistent with what we expect from the players. We'll address (that) directly with the players."

Cherington added that he was considering a clubhouse ban on alcohol and that drinking during games was "unacceptable." In order to further instill a sense of order, Cherington said he was looking to bring in a manager with a "strong voice," but that the players would have to cooperate in order for the manager to be effective.

"The players do have to police themselves to some degree too; they have to be accountable to themselves and be accountable to their teammates," Cherington said. "We have to get back to reaffirming what we're about. Our best teams players have been accountable to themselves... we need to get back to that."

"I think we have extraordinary talent in this organization, on and off the field; enough to be really good in 2012 and beyond... and then there are areas that need to improve."

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