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Theo Epstein To Cubs: Bud Selig Sets Nov. 1 Deadline For Compensation

Major League Baseball commissioner Bud Selig is putting his foot down in the Theo Epstein saga. Selig set a November 1 deadline for the Boston Red Sox and Chicago Cubs to work out compensation for Epstein, who recently resigned his post as general manager of the Red Sox to become the President of Baseball Operations for the Cubs.

Selig said that if the two teams can't work out a deal by then, he will have to step in.

"They have until Nov. 1, Theo and Ben and all the other parties involved," Selig said, according to Comcast Sports Net New England. "Hopefully they can get things done. I always encourage clubs to try to get things done between themselves. Somehow, the commissioner has enough things of controversy [to deal with].
 ... They'll either get it done or they won't. If they don't, then I will." (via WEEI)

Epstein is set to be introduced by the Cubs in a press conference in Chicago on Tuesday.

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