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Report: Talks Between Cubs, Red Sox Turn 'Contentious' Regarding Theo Epstein Compensation

According to David Kaplan of CSN Chicago negotiations between the Chicago Cubs and Boston Red Sox have turned "contentious" in regards to the compensation the Red Sox are asking for in return for Theo Epstein.

Since Theo still has a year remaining on his contract the Red Sox hold negotiating power over the Cubs. Below is a quote from a baseball executive Kaplan spoke with:

"The Red Sox hold the cards here because they have their new GM in Ben Cherington and they control Theo for the next 12 months. If they want they can force Theo to stay in Boston or on the sidelines for the next year. Can the Cubs go without a GM for the next 12 months? That would be an incredibly gutsy move but also a very risky one."

The same exec believes Red Sox President Larry Lucchino is the one making negotiations so difficult.

"Larry Lucchino is one of the most unreasonable people I have ever dealt with and because of his frayed relationship with Theo Epstein he is looking to make a point at the expense of Theo's happiness and his desire to go to Chicago ... They are furious that he wants out and they are trying to make a point."

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