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Boston Red Sox GM Update: Sox Asking For Prospects As Compensation For Theo Epstein, According To Report

The Boston Red Sox are seeking only prospects in return from the Chicago Cubs as compensation for releasing general manager Theo Epstein from his contract so that he can move to Chicago, according to a WEEI report.

An ESPN report yesterday cited two league sources saying that Chicago owner Tom Rickets has turned over a list of Cubs players to interim general manager Randy Bush, director of player personnel Oneri Fleita and scouting director Tim Wilken to evaluate for compensation for Epstein. The Cubs staff is supposed to report back to Rickets and tell him which players they feel comfortable trading.

The ESPN report also mentioned that another discussion in the compensation talks is how many Red Sox employees Epstein will be allowed to bring with him to Chicago.

The deal is still expected to get done, but the Red Sox are "entitled to be satisfied with compensation," according to the ESPN report.

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