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Theo Epstein Still Officially With Red Sox As Of 4 P.M. Wednesday

Theo Epstein is still officially a member of the Boston Red Sox staff, but has unofficially left the building hours ago. Epstein has reportedly come to an agreement on a five-year deal worth $15 million to become the new general manager of the Chicago Cubs, a move that has been rumored since the late summer.

However, as of 4:00 p.m. EDT on Wedesday, Epstein is still under contract with the team. Epstein still has one year left on his current contract, but it's rumored that the Red Sox brass will let him go in exchange for cash or prospects from the Cubs. Joe Amorosino of WHDH has the latest on the Epstein saga with the following update on his Facebook page.

As of 4pm the Red Sox have not granted Theo Epstein permission to leave. This according to a MLB source. While Theo has come to an informal agreement with the Chicago Cubs, he still has one year remaining on his contract with the Red Sox. That's the hold up. The Red Sox and Cubs are working out the details of the exchange. (via Joe Amorosino/WHDH)

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