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Boston Red Sox Manager Search: Sox Waiting on Theo Epstein, According to Report

The Boston Red Sox will wait until Theo Epstein's status is resolved before hiring a manager to replace Terry Francona, according to a WEEI report.

The Boston Red Sox will wait to begin their manager search as the team waits for Theo Epstein to decide on his future, according to a WEEI report.

Epstein has been rumored as a candidate for other GM openings, and the Chicago Cubs have already requested permission to speak to him.

According to a major league source, the Sox - who are currently performing due diligence on potential managerial candidates to replace Terry Francona, who left Boston after eight years - will not bring in candidates to interview for the position until after the status of Epstein is resolved.Given the importance of the relationship between the manager and general manager, the Sox appear set to wait until the identity of the GM is determined before they bring in candidates to investigate their fit for the job.

That said, Epstein's status is only one element in preventing the Sox from interviewing candidates at this point. The team also is likely to interview one or more candidates who are still in the playoffs, something that will not occur until the relevant team or teams are eliminated.

The Red Sox recently parted ways with Terry Francona after he admittedly lost command of the team's clubhouse. Francona did manage Boston to its first two World Series titles since 1918, but the Red Sox swooned late this season under his charge, losing a late season, nine game wild-card lead in dramatic fashion on the season's final night.

Boston is open to keeping some of last year's coaching staff, but also wants to give the new manager the opportunity to select his own staff, according to WEEI. For an idea of what the timetable for a new hiring might be, Francona was announced as manager on Dec. 4, 2003.