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Theo Epstein Leaving Boston For Chicago? Rob Neyer Reacts

If the rumors are true, Theo Epstein could be on his way out as the Boston Red Sox general manager, as Joel Sherman of the New York Post reports that Epstein will be allowed to forgo the final year of his contract and become the new GM of the Chicago Cubs.

Sherman's report has yet to be confirmed, but it certainly would not be surprising given the events of this past month for the Boston Red Sox and the fact that they recently let go eight-year manager Terry Francona.

Rob Neyer mulled over this potential news and offered his thoughts on why he might go.

Why would Epstein leave?

Remember, he's almost left before. Six years ago, Epstein exited the Red Sox for roughly a month before returning to the fold. Perhaps that was merely a negotiating ploy -- he presumably did well, financially -- but the relationship between Epstein and his bosses has not always been 100-percent highly functional.

I don't know Theo Epstein anything like well enough to read his mind, but it's certainly possible that he's simply ready for a change. I've had two great jobs in my life -- before this one, I mean -- but at some point it's just time to try something different. And what else, really, is there left for Theo Epstein in Boston?

Epstein has been with the Red Sox since 2002 and has served as the team's GM ever since, with a sabbatical between 2005 and 2006. During his tenure, the Red Sox have won two World Series titles.

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