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Dustin Pedroia: 'I Love [Terry Francona]'

Dustin Pedroia felt a similar emotion as most of us, the fans, when it was announced the Terry Francona was not coming back for a ninth-season as the manager of the Boston Red Sox. Pedroia, who spoke to reporters on Friday at Fenway Park, shared his true feelings about his now former manager.

"I love him. He's given me every opportunity in the world and given me the respect to play the game with a freedom, and that's what he allows us players to do," Pedroia said. "Geez, man, he's done everything for me and everything for my family, and he's done everything for me in the five years I've been in the big leagues. My heart's broken for him, and I wish he was back and I wish I could have played my whole career for him. It's going to be hard. I'm sure he'll come back a better manager and a better person for it. Us, as an organization, we're going to move forward together." (via ESPN Boston)

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