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Kevin Cash On Rays' Attendance: 'It's A Joke'

The Rays drew a crowd of 36,973 Wednesday night, which I think means that everything is now okay and everyone in Tampa loves baseball again (ignoring the fact, of course, that the team passed out 20,000 free tickets for the game). But as the old saying goes, nothing is over until Kevin Cash weighs in.

"I agree with them 100 percent," said Cash, referring to comments made by Longoria and Price in regard to the attendance (or lack thereof) at the Rays' home ballpark despite the team making the postseason for the second time in three years. "It's a joke. I'm not going to sit here and call out fans. I respect everything about the economy and everything. But at the same time, the Yankees and Red Sox, they're not complaining.

Cash, a North Tampa native, wasn't finished.

When asked if the trend in attendance at The Trop could ever be reversed, Cash said, "Not in that location. Never ... It's a crummy stadium. It's not in a good location."