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Jonathan Papelbon Throwing, Not Taking The Heat

Jonathan Papelbon has made a career out of throwing fastballs. But with his ability to locate his pitches this season troubling him, he's struggled to maintain his composure. 

His ERA, now standing at 4.02 on the season, has been an astronomical 8.64 against the Yankees this year, according to an Alex Speier report on

But he doesn't blame his one-inning, one-run ninth inning performance on himself. Not this time, anyway. 

"It was tough considering the fact that I was not only pitching against their lineup, I was also pitching against the ump [Phil Cuzzi]," Papelbon said after the game. "When you do that against this lineup, you are never going to be successful."

CSN New England report details the struggles that Papelbon had in the team's last trip to Yankee Stadium of the year.