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Adrian Gonzalez Denies Reports Of Red Sox Extension: 'I Haven't Signed Any Contract'

After numerous reports surfaced earlier this week about the Red Sox and newly-acquired first baseman Adrian Gonzalez agreeing to terms on a seven-year contract extension, the hard-hitting lefty indicated that no such agreement had been reached, according to a NESN report, quoting a Mexican blog familiar with the player.

The extension, which was said to not be getting signed until after Opening Day, when it wouldn't count against the Red Sox' luxury tax threshold for 2011, now may not be in place at all. 

"Nothing about that is true," said Gonzalez of multiple reports that has him signing an extension with Boston for at least seven years and at least $154 million. "It's false. I haven't signed any contract."

Gonzalez noted that while discussions had taken place, the parties were unable to agree upon the numbers and that until talks resume during the season, he's not going to tip his hand as to how many years or dollars he's looking for. 

"The only thing I have for sure is the contract I had already signed with the Padres, and what I can tell you is that over the course of the season we're going to negotiate to reach an agreement."