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Adrian Gonzalez Promised Red Sox His Contract Demands Won't Change

According to ESPNBoston's Gordon Edes, first baseman Adrian Gonzalez informed the Red Sox that his contract demands will remain the same throughout the season and promised that he will negotiate during the season.  Gonzalez and the Red Sox reportedly hammered out the parameters of a contract extension in the range of 25 million annualy over seven years.

"We gave them our word that we were going to negotiate during the season in good faith. We're not going to go in there and ask for Albert Pujols' contract, something along those lines.''

The Red Sox and Gonzalez were unable to agree to a contract extension, but were able to put the parameters of an extension in place to give the Red Sox the confidence to OK the trade that sent Gonzalez to Boston, and Anthony Rizzo, Casey Kelly, Raymond Fuentes, and Eric Patterson to San Diego.