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Angels Make Adrian Beltre Significant Contract Offer

The Los Angeles Angels have made a “significant offer” to free agent third baseman Adrian Beltre.

According to Mike DiGiovanna, Angels owner Arte Moreno says the team has made a “significant offer” to Beltre, who is looking for a five-year contract worth at least $15 million per season. The terms of the Angels’ offer aren’t known, and Beltre hasn’t accepted it, but the two seem like too good a fit for each other for this not to work out.

With Boston and Baltimore trading for Adrian Gonzalez and Mark Reynolds (respectively), the market for Beltre has died down significantly since the beginning of the offseason. The Athletics looked to be strong competition at one point, but removed themselves from the equation after being routinely ignored by agent Scott Boras.

The Angels have so far struck out this offseason, missing out on their top priority in Carl Crawford. With former top prospect Brandon Wood so far unable to perform at the Major League level, Beltre makes a lot of sense for Los Angeles.