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Bobby Jenks, The 'Perfect Middle Reliever' For The Red Sox

Nothing is official, and there's apparently still some contract details to be worked out, but all signs are pointing to the Red Sox and closer Bobby Jenks agreeing to a two-year, $12 million deal, giving Boston some much-needed depth in the bullpen.

So what exactly are the Red Sox getting in Jenks (besides a 6-4, 275-pound clubhouse presence)? Over The Monster weighs in: 

Though 2010 was not his best year results-wise, Bobby Jenks has been one of the better relievers in the league in recent years. His 4.44 ERA last year hid a fantastic 2.59 FIP and 2.62 xFIP, and in his six years in the MLB, Jenks has never had an xFIP of 4.00 or greater. His high ground ball rates should play very well in Fenway, and his ERA will likely come back down after shifting from one of the worst defenses in the game to the very solid unit the Red Sox will put out next year.

If the Sox were looking for the perfect middle reliever, they found him. There's just no clear weaknesses to be found in Jenks' game. Good vs. lefties, good vs. righties, and good in the clutch. They probably want at least one more decent arm, but it's hard to express just how much better this makes the Boston bullpen.