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Eric Patterson Sent To San Diego Padres As Player-To-Be-Named-Later

Eric Patterson has been announced as the final piece of the Adrian Gonzalez trade between the Red Sox and Padres. The terms of the trade included a player-to-be-named, and Patterson, it seems, has been tabbed the victim

It's no surprise, as there was absolutely no room for a bench-warming left-handed bat in the Sox' lineup, and Patterson won't have a place in the outfield or at second base with the returns of Jacoby Ellsbury and Dustin Pedroia to their respective defensive roles. 

That's a pretty perfect finish to the deal for the Red Sox. Eric Patterson really didn't have any room on the team with the Jed Lowrie/Marco Scutaro combo at shortstop and Mike Cameron in the outfield. Really, having his small salary and roster spot open up is something of a bonus to the Gonzalez deal.

The Padres will be Patterson's fourth team and fourth division since debuting in August of 2007. the 27-year old utilityman hasn't recorded more than 103 at-bats in any season with the same team.