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Red Sox Announce 2011 Spring Training Schedule

The Boston Red Sox have announced their spring training schedule for 2011, the final year the team will spend at City of Palms Park. The truck will leave Fenway on February 8, and pitchers and catchers will report on February 15.

The actual schedule starts with a rematch of last year's doubleheader against Boston College and Northeastern. As one might expect, these aren't the most competitive games ever, with last year's contests being swept by the Red Sox with a combined score of 21-1.

Minnesota and the Red Sox will once again compete for the all-important Mayors Cup, which could be decided as early as March 1, with the two squads facing eachother on February 27 and 28 as well. Game 4 will take place on March 11, with the final contest held on March 26.

Houston will play host to the final two games of spring training at Minute Maid Park before the Red Sox open the season in Arlington on April 1.

Other notable games include two games against the Yankees on March 4 and 14, and the final game in City of Palms Park against Tampa Bay on March 29. The Sox will open a new spring training stadium in Fort Myers next season, ending 18 years in City of Palms Park.

(The full spring training schedule can be found on WEEI)