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Athletics' GM Billy Beane Was 'Baffled' At Reports Of Adrian Beltre Contract Offer

Rumors have Adrian Beltre being eyed by a dozen teams, including the A's, Orioles and Red Sox. So far though, only Oakland has made a contract offer -- five years worth $64 million. Unless they didn't. 

In his Sunday Baseball Notes column, the Boston Globe's Nick Cafardo indicates that the news of a contract offer was just that to the A's management -- news. 

The five-year, $64 million offer the A's made to Beltre: fact or fiction? When the report first came out, even A's GM Billy Beane supposedly was a little baffled. Whether a real offer has been made since the GM meetings is unclear. While the market was supposed to be pretty hot for Beltre, it doesn't appear that teams have stepped up yet, which means the Sox still have a chance to pursue a signing if they want to.