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Adrian Beltre A Hot Stove Hot Topic With A Dozen Teams Reportedly Interested

According to a tweet from SI's Jon Heyman (I figured that out because it's in his handle), as many as twelve MLB teams have expressed interest in free agent third baseman Adrian Beltre. 

Among the interested teams are the Baltimore Orioles and Boston Red Sox, whom Beltre played for last season. 

While Beltre's commanding a lot of interest, it's likely that agent Scott Boras is only seriously considering offers from a small handful (no more than four) of them. Among those teams likely to not be interested? The New York Yankees (Alex Rodriguez), Tampa Bay Rays (Evan Longoria) and the New York Mets (David Wright).

No truth to the rumors that the Miami Heat, in need of a high-priced free agent , are in the mix for Beltre's services.