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All Adrian Beltre Head Rubs, All The Time

It was a boring early-offseason day for Red Sox nation. With no playoffs to watch, and it being far too early for much in the way of hot stove, it didn't seem likely to change either.

And then came the Tweet...

Four pages' worth of Adrian Beltre head-rubs: #redsoxless than a minute ago via web


Oh. My. God.

If there was one redeeming thing about the Red Sox' lost season this year it was the bizarre saga of the Adrian Beltre head rubs. After every big hit by Beltre--and there were a lot of them--the camera would swing expectantly to the dugout, searching for the heroic third baseman and the dastardly bunch intent on driving him mad and, uh, touching his head.

Victor Martinez was the clear leader, taking any chance he could to harass Beltre. Taking advantage of any and every opportunity, sneaking up from behind, waiting for him at home after a long ball, or even interrupting a walk-off celebration.


His second-in-command, Marco Scutaro, would often take advantage of the distraction provided by Martinez, coming in for a second attack and doubling Beltre's humiliation.


But do not be fooled into thinking the rest of the Red Sox were innocent bystanders! J.D. Drew, Bill Hall, Mike Lowell, Dustin Pedroia, and at one point the entire dugout joined his tormentors.


Truly, the whole team was guilty. It is only right that someone has taken the time to chronicle their wrongdoings.

Credit Beltre, though. While he would ward off his attackers, swinging and throwing helmets, drinks, and whatever was at hand, it's obvious he was holding back. If he had truly let loose, there would have been a lot more broken ribs this year.