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Red Sox Receive Approval To Widen Bullpens

This was another bit of sports news in Boston Tuesday night: the Red Sox received approval from the Boston Landmarks Commission for their request to expand the size of the bullpen, thus shortening the distance of the right field wall from home plate. 

The Red Sox' bullpens will now be in compliance with MLB's minimum width for player safety. Additionally, the RF wall will now be roughly 371 feet from home plate, as opposed to 380. 

The bullpens were originally constructed in 1940, moving the fence 23 feet closer for left-handed hitter Ted Williams (hence, "Williamsburg").

The widening of the bullpens is part of the team's 10-year project to improve and restore Fenway Park. This edition of renovations is known as "Year X Fenway Park Improvements to 'America's Most Beloved Ballpark,'" and includes the addition of three HD video boards in center and right fields.