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Boston College Basketball Drops UMass From 2012-13 Schedule

The Commonwealth Classic is no more. Boston College basketball will drop the University of Massachusetts from its 2012-13 schedule due to ACC expansion. The Eagles and Minutemen had met annually for the past 17 seasons.


The Commonwealth Classic is no more. Boston College will drop the UMass Minutemen, who they played annually for the past 17 years, from their 2012-2013 schedule, according to a report from the Daily Hampshire Gazette. The decision is a result of the Atlantic Coast Conference expansion from 16 to 18 conference games, giving BC less non-conference space.

"We are expanding to an 18-game ACC schedule next season and playing UMass just didn't work this year," (Eagles head coach Steve Donahue) said in a statement through the BC media relations department. "We will continue to play them some time in the future." (via Daily Hampshire Gazette)

The two schools first met in 1905, but would not play again until 1951. After playing regularly from the 1950s through the 1970s, the Eagles and Minutemen would not play each other from 1979 through 1990. In 1995, the Commonwealth Cup was born, and the teams have played yearly since. Boston College led the series against UMass in the Cup, 10-7.

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